Save A File To Your Local Drive


Please read the following instructions in their entirety for how to save a file to your local drive from Orchestrated!


For users saving files to a Mac, please see the How to Login - RD App  for some important additional set up details.

Saving Files:

When exporting or saving files from Orchestrated, you may see a couple of options show up. 

If you are exporting a file to PDF, or for many Mac users, you will see the following screen first:

mceclip0.png Once in the Save As screen, click on the "Choose A Different Folder.."*

*If you are using a Mac computer, you may receive an error stating that you cannot save a file due to permissions settings.  Select okay, and this will bypass the error to the next step.

In this next screen, Click on "This PC".

Your local drive is indicated in parenthesis with your computer name following the naming scheme "Local Disk (DRIVE: on COMPUTERNAME)".

For example, in the screen shot, the computer name is 'SUPPORT-JEFFM' and there are 3 drives (C:, H:, and Z:). Therefore my local drives are:

Local Disk (C: on SUPPORT-JEFFM)

Local Disk (H: on SUPPORT-JEFFM)

Local Disk (Z: on SUPPORT-JEFFM)






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    Robin Thieme

    too cumbersome. Hoping someone is working on a different approach

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    Bill O'Connor

    Looks like file was saved, but I cannot find it.