Clear A Frozen/Stuck Session


If you are ever kicked off or have an issue with the program has shut down or no longer responding, you might experience a case where it has closed down, yet you will get an error when trying to log back on, such as this one:



Step by Step Guide

This is due to the fact that your Citirx Workspace is actually holding on to the previous session. It will usually clear itself out over a short period of time, but in case it doesn't, or you need to do it yourself, here are the steps to do so:



  1. Go to your hidden task bar on the lower right hand corner (you'll likely need to press on the Up Arrow to see your applications) and find the Citrix Workspace (blue and white swirl circle). Right-click on it and select Connection Center.                                 
  2. Select the highest level of the tree (usually right under the title Active)
  3. Click Log-off and it should disappear

You should be able to log back in after that.



  1. Go to the top menu bar and click on Keyboard
  2. Select the first option, which is Send Ctrl +Alt + Del
  3. On the next screen, click Sign Out

You should be able to log back in after that.





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    Humm Standard Support User

    Thank yor for the quick response. I'm having trouble finding what you call the taskbar. I'm on a PC, so I opened the Windows Task Manager. Citrix isn't open in there. I'm still looking.

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    Humm Standard Support User

    Found it! On the bottom right and Obeer is opening! THANK YOU thank you thank you!