Orchestra Support: Ticket Priority Levels

Please Note:

Customer assigned priorities are part of a new process within Orchestra’s Support Department. As Orchestra’s Support Team has gathered initial feedback, the parameters described below have changed and will continue to be updated as the team strives to create an optimized process.

In order to provide the best customer service experience for all customers, it may sometimes become necessary for Orchestra’s Support Team to reassign the priority level of your ticket if they find that it fits the parameters of another level more appropriately.

Thank you for your flexibility regarding this living document. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to share those with the Support Team Member helping you with your request or by posting a suggestion on the Orchestrated Ideas Page. You can access the 'Ideas' page via the corresponding tile on the homepage of our Help Center.



When submitting a Support Ticket through the Portal, customers are encouraged to assign an initial priority to requests. This information is used to help Orchestra’s Support Team resolve tickets most efficiently and in a manner that will provide the greatest benefit to all customers by consolidating efforts based on the business impact of the request/issue.

Priority can be assigned as one of the following:

    1. Urgent
    2. High
    3. Normal
    4. Low
  • Requests will be addressed in the order of highest priority first
  • Requests within a single priority level are generally processed in the order that they are received.

The priority level of a Support Ticket should be set according to the guidelines listed below. Since it is not possible to define every possible condition or technical situation, these definitions and examples are not exhaustive and serve to give you the best idea of how each level can be used.

Overview of Priority Levels

1 - Urgent - Critical Impact


A request which is critical and requires immediate action due to limited or no access to Orchestrated.

Urgent priority is reserved for instances where no work is able to be performed within the system.


  • User(s) is(are) unable to login
  • Password Change Request
  • Disabling of a User's Account for Security Purposes


Support will provide steps or take actions to correct the issue or may escalate your request to the appropriate department to address the issue as quickly as possible.

2 - High - Significant Impact


Other work is able to continue within the system, the impact is isolated to specific functionality, it is a system error (not one created by the user) and isn’t being escalated due to a deadline. This ticket is deemed important, but does not require the immediate action necessary of an Urgent request.


Time sensitive issues reported by Customer, which can include:

  • Email remains unsent in outbox
  • Specific functionality which was previously accessed is no longer available.

Action: OST will provide steps or take actions to correct the issue or may escalate your request to an appropriate department on behalf of the customer to address the related issue

3 – Normal - Minor impact


Moderate loss of functionality or performance resulting in minor performance degradation.

Any request which is important, but which does not require action to be taken on high priority.

The system is up and running, but the problem causes non-negligible impact and may be important to long-term productivity and reporting.


Please Note: Tickets that fall into the following categories will always be considered within the Normal priority definition.

  • All Production related questions and corrections

  • Printing issues

  • TTB Reporting questions and errors

    • Questions regarding TTB reporting are often complex in a way that requires the Support Team to conduct an in-depth analysis of the scenario before they are able to provide you with an explanation to your question.
    • Due to the involved nature of these inquiries, the Support Team will usually be unable to provide same-day resolutions for these tickets.
    • Based on the due dates for submission to the TTB, we advise running the related reports as soon as the data is available in the system. This will allow the Support Team ample time to help resolve your request before the reports are due for submission

4 – Low - Informational


Non-critical tasks, minor losses in functionality, featured product requests, and instructional inquiries will fall within this category.

Tickets at this level do not have significant impact or the issue is specific to functionality that is not business critical or frequently used.






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