Orchestrated License Invalid Error


A known issue for any a user when logging into the Orchestrated for the first time in a new environment is that you will get a license invalid error.


How to Fix

This is a one-time occurrence and will not happen again once you do the following:

  1. Upon receiving the first error message, Click OK.
  2. Click Ok again when you receive the second message about your license being invalid
  3. On the next screen, check the 'Continue Working Without this Add-on' message and click OK
  4. Now click either Disagree or Agree on the box that still appears
  5. Now you will want to restart the add-on by going to Administration->Add-Ons->Add-on Manager. Then highlight the add-on Orchestra Software - Orchestrated and click Start (alternatively, you can log off and back on)

This message will no longer occur after that.

This issue will be corrected in a future release. Thank you.







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