Citrix Missing File Type Association


For any customers using Citrix to log in to their database, you can sometimes have errors where the file that is downloaded (a ICA file) loses (or was never set) their association to the Citrix Connection Manager. This most commonly occurs with new users after installing Citrix.


Step by Step Guide

To establish that connection, go to where folder where the ICA file is downloaded to (Typically the users Download folder) when you click on the Orchestra Icon.; the icon looks like this (with possible different names underneath it):


The file itself will follow a naming structure similar to this screenshot:


  1. Right-click on anyone you see and select Properties.
  2. The next screen, you will want to select Change
  3. Now depending on which version of OS you have, it will have different prompts for you. In the example in the screenshot, you click More Options, scroll down and Select look for Another App on This PC.
  4. The ultimate goal is to get to the File Explorer that lets you select the file, it will look like this:
  5. You'll want to navigate to the path in which Citrix was installed. If you didn't change the path when you installed it, it will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client
  6. Then you want to select the file called 'wfcrun32'


Now try logging into Orchestrated again and it should use the correct Citrix program (this could require a restart of your computer first before it is successful).





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