Quick Start: How To Clear Open (But N/A) Down Payment Invoices


Please note this procedure is applicable to A/R and A/P Down Payment Invoices

If you create a Down Payment invoice and no longer require it (e.g. it will no longer be applied, the invoice was accidentally made and paid separate from the down payment, it wasn't applied, etc.). You need to follow the procedure to clear out that open document.


Step by Step Guide

  1. Create a Service-Type Invoice for the vendor/customer
  2. Set the G/L Account to be your Down Payments account*
  3. Set the date to the day that the Down Payment was supposed to be applied.** You might need to unlock the Posting Period before you can post the Invoice (Administration>System Initialization>Posting Periods, then use the yellow arrow to drill in to the Posting Period)
  4. The total will be the sum of ‘Open Amounts’ showing for that vendor on the Open Items List. By using the sum you can close out multiple open items at once.
  5. BEFORE YOU CLICK ADD, click the "..." box next to "Total Down Payment" in the bottom-right part of the Invoice
  6. Check the boxes next to all of the Down Payments that show up in the list to apply them to the new Service Type Invoice. Then click OK.
  7. Right-click on the Invoice and choose "Journal Entry Preview". You should get a message saying the document total is $0 asking if you want to continue. Click Yes.
  8. On the Journal Entry Preview, verify that the BP balance is not changing and that the only postings are going to be a Debit and a Credit for the same amount to your Down Payment Account
  9. Add the Invoice

*If you have set your Down Payment Account to a different account than the default account, you'll want to make sure you also use that account here (you can tell which account it was posted to by going to back to the Down Payment Invoice Document, right-clicking it and selecting Journal Entry. One row will be the Business Partner, the other will be your Payment Advance account that you will want to use.

**If can choose another date to use if you would like to see the values post to a different period. You may want to do this if the period between the Down Payment Document and this Invoice you are creating is over a long period of time (i.e. running into a different fiscal year).





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