Troubleshooting Questions for Login Issues


Orchestra’s Support Team wants to get you back into your system and working as soon as possible.

When submitting a ticket regarding login issues, please include your responses to as many of the following applicable questions as possible. Your responses will help expedite the troubleshooting process and shorten your resolution time.

This link can also direct you to the detailed steps for logging into Orchestrated for your specific machine and service: Login Help


Troubleshooting Questions:

  1. Have you tried logging out of Citrix, restarting your computer, and logging back in to re-establish your connection?
  2. Is anyone at your company able to login, or is this isolated to a specific user?
  3. Which user(s) is experiencing the issue?
  4. When was the last time you were able to successfully login?
  5. Are you receiving any nature of error message that seems to be preventing you from logging in? If so, please include a screenshot of the message: How To: Take Screenshots of a Specific Window
  6. If you were booted out of the system, what kind of transaction were you performing when that happened?
  7. How do you normally exit out of Orchestrated? It is recommended that you use File > Exit.
  8. How often does this seem to be an issue?



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