Quick Start: Sort Business Partners by Name vs. Code


When clicking TAB in the Business Partner field of an A/R document, you may wish to have your list automatically sorted by Business Partner Name rather than the associated code. The step-by-step instructions below outline how to make that change.


Step-by-Step Guide

Note: The steps below pertain to user-specific Form Settings and will require individual users to perform these changes.

  1. Open up any marketing document (i.e. Sales Order, Delivery, A/P Invoice, etc.) You will only need to perform this setting change for one type of document in order for it to apply to all of your marketing documents.
  2. Click into the Business Partner field in the header section of the document and hit TAB
  3. When the list of Business Partners appears, click into your document Form Settings:
  4. Set BP Name as the Field for the first row in the List of – Settings window. This will designate the BP Name field as the first column in your ‘List of Business Partners’ window where you make your selections.
  5. Note: You won’t be able to select fields from the dropdown menu in the 'Field Name' column that are already listed. You may need to select the blank field from the dropdown in the row where the BP Name is currently listed before you can select it for the first row.
  6. Click 'Update' to preserve the change to Form Settings
  7. Below is an example of what your Form Settings might look like after the change:
  8. Once the BP Name is in the first row of the Form Settings window, SAP should always sort it alphabetically for you. SAP always sorts by the first column in Form Settings by default.
  9. Make sure that you use the suggested exit method (File > Exit) the next time you log out of Orchestrated. This will preserve these changes.





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