How to Open and Save Changes to a Crystal Report

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Open Report and Layout Manager

  1. Open the Report & Layout Manager by going to Administration > Setup > General > Report & Layout Manager
  2. Find the layout or report that you wish to adjust by navigating through the module tree

Step 2: Name the New Layout or Report

  1. If you are using the OnDemand environment, rename the report to something that identifies that it has been customized (generally company initials - report name)
  2. If you are an Enterprise customer, you will be given the option to 'Save As' upon completing the modification.
  3. Regardless of your software platform or method, you will want to give your modified document a name that differs from the stock crystal report name, or it may be overwritten upon an Orchestrated update
  4. Once you have given your document a new name, click on the 'Update' button to save the changes, and then click on the 'Edit' button to launch the Crystal Reports editor.

Step 3. Make Edits and Modification in Crystal Reports

Step 4. Save Changes

1. You may use either the 'Add-Ins' menu option or the shortcut buttons within Crystal Reports

  1. If using OnDemand, 'Save' will be the only working option ('Save As' will be available, but due to certain limitations within this platform, will not load the file back into your system.
  2. If Enterprise, you may use 'Save As', but you will have to associate a location with the document once the process is complete
    1. Till a location is associated, your document can be found in the 'Lost Reports' portion of the Report & Layout Manager.  Please see the following image on how to move the newly created report from 'Lost Reports' to a a designated location:








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