Exclude Warehouse Inventory from Available-to-Promise Quantities


There are times when you want to flag a warehouse so that its inventory is not included on your Available-to-Promise value on your marketing documents. This is a common practice for Tap Rooms and Tasting Room inventory that you don’t want to appear available to commit on a Sales Order, Delivery, or A/R Invoice.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Exclude Warehouse from Available to Promise:

  1. Navigate to: Administration > Setup > Inventory > Warehouses2017-06-01_09_32_04-bastion.orchestrated.com_-_Remote_Desktop_Connection.png
  2. Switch to find mode by hitting CTRL+F or clicking on the binocular icon to find the warehouse that needs to be to flagged
  3. Open the user-defined fields area by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+U or using the View > User-Defined Fields menu option
  4. A side bar panel should appear on your warehouse setup window. There will be a field in that new sidebar that says: ‘Use in Available to Promise’. Select ‘N’ from that drop-down menu to flag the warehouse as not Available-to-Promise2017-06-01_09_44_50-bastion.orchestrated.com_-_Remote_Desktop_Connection.png
  5. Click ‘Update’ on your Warehouse –Setup window to preserve the change.

Step 2: Confirm Visibility of Available-to-Promise Field in Form Settings of Marketing Documents

NOTE: You’ll need to complete the following steps for each of the marketing documents, i.e. Sales Order, Delivery, and A/R Invoice, that you want to see the Available-to-Promise field on.

  1. Open a sales marketing document, i.e. Sales Order, Delivery, and A/R Invoice
  2. Check the column headings to see if there is one that says Available to Promise. If you do not see this heading, the following link will show you how to make the Available to Promise field visible using Form Settings:Form Settings

Once you’ve completed the steps above, the next time you go to create a new marketing document of that type, your Available-Promise quantities will no longer include the warehouse that has been flagged in Step 1!





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