Part 1: Barrel Item Templates

This page covers the setup of the Barrel Item Templates in the Barrel Management Console section of Orchestrated.


What is a barrel item template?

A barrel item template is how we define a barrel within OrchestratedBEER or OrchestratedSPIRITS. This is an item that represents the wood itself. Barrels have various stages of their life in production and so there are various "templates" to setup. These templates represent those stages. 


What are the most common stages or what templates should I setup? 

While certainly not required to have a template & item master setup for each stage of a barrel's life cycle, it is recommended to have 2 - 3 per size & type of barrel. The most common are:

  • "-NEW" for a new barrel
  • "-FLD" for a filled barrel
  • "-EMP" for an empty barrel


Why do I need to setup an item & create a template?

Excellent question! The item setup is necessary so that we can track the inventory within OBeer & OSpirits, its also there so that we can use it on sales orders, purchase orders and other transactions. The Barrel Item Template is necessary because thats what tells the system that the item is a barrel and to treat it differently from say... hats.



Item Master Data Setup & Configuration

The first step with setting up a Barrel Item Templates is to create one or more Item Master data records for the physical barrels that will be filled. To do this, you’ll need to create an item master data that looks like the following screen shot:

This item will need to be

  • Inventory item
  • Sales item
  • Purchase item
  • Not batch managed

All three checkboxes in the upper right of the Item Master will be checked and the “Manage Item by” field will be set to None.

Next you’ll need to assign at least one warehouse to the barrel item. This warehouse represents the locations where barrels will be stored.

You will also want to set up a “Used/Filled” & "Empty" version of the new barrel item(s) you setup. Here’s what that should look like:


Barrel Management Console - Barrel Template Setup

From there, you can proceed to the Barrel Management Console. Go to Production > Production Forms > Barrel Management Console.  From there click on the Setup tab.

On the Setup tab, click on the Add Button in the Barrel Item Templates section. In this screen you’ll enter in the item code for the first barrel item you created.

Once the item code has been populated, you’ll need to enter an ID Prefix, then select the type, size, condition, and status. You may also choose to use the Attribute fields for additional data.

The Type, Size, and Status values can all be edited on the Setup Screen of the Barrel Management Console.

To edit or remove a template, highlight the particular template row and click Edit to open up the barrel template window.





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    Caleb Weeks
    What should we be thinking about in regards to the "inventory data" and GL accounts that will be affected through the use of the barrels in OBeer? I notice that Conner has the Item Group set up as RM: Other