FEFO Configuration on Auto-Select All


FEFO is also known as First-Expiry-First-Out and useful for goods like fruits, sugared adjuncts, and really anything that expires. You can now set auto-select all to take FEFO into account if your company selects lots based on that methodology.

This is in addition to FIFO. The setting is at the company level and applies the logic to the item itself.

NOTE: For FEFO to be taken into account all batches for that specific items must contain an expiration date.


Navigate to the setup table.

1. Tools → User-Defined Windows → ORC_BE_SETUP

2. Scroll until you find the field Auto Select All Type

3. Set from I - FIFO to E - FEFO


Now when you bring in your batch managed raw materials, be sure to enter an Expiration Date on the batch. This can be performed after the batch has been received into stock.





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