Quick Start: How To Use E-mail Groups


There is a new feature in the most recent platform upgrade, which is used to associate certain Contact Persons within a Business Partner to an E-mail Group.

This feature will allow you to specify the recipients within the Business Partner's organization that will receive certain e-mails. In this way, the E-mail Group will act as a distribution list. For example, this feature allows you to send A/R Invoices created for different customers to their respective accountants.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to Administration->Setup->Business Partners->E-Mail Group
  2. Add the 'Email Group Code and Group Name in the next available row and click Update

  3. Bring up the Business Partner in the Business Partner Master Data that you would like to create a distribution list for
  4. Switch to the 'Contact Persons' tab
  5. Assign each applicable contact person to the E-mail Group(s) you just created


Now, whenever you want to e-mail certain documents, such as a Customer Statement, you may receive this prompt:


Once you make your selections and choose, 'Okay' you'll see that the system has added all the contacts associated with the E-mail Group onto the window to be sent.





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    Richard Mungalsingh SUSPENDED

    What's the maximum number of email addresses that a document can be sent to? We have customers with as much as 5 email recipients for Sales Invoices.

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    I'm aware any limitations on how many CC you have on the e-mail and I've actually seen much higher than 5 before.