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This page goes over the steps to connect to the Enterprise environment from a PC or a Mac.

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Step by Step Guide

First, the Citrix Receiver will need to be installed on any machine used to access Orchestrated. If it hasn't already been installed, please visit the PC or Mac link below:


For PCs**:

For Macs:



Once installed, pull up the Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac) web browser.  Enter the URL for your organization (e.g.

The following screen should appear:


Enter the user name created for you, as well as your password that was provided to you by a consultant.  Once you log in, it should prompt for the password to be changed.

The page should refresh and display an OrchestratedBeer icon:

Single left click on this and wait for it to fully load.  Keep track of any messages that pop up or appear at the bottom of the page confirming you give the site access to open this application/use Citrix.


For example, you might see:

Select Open to continue.


When you first log in it often takes a little longer than usual to initialize everything.  When finished, you should see a log in similar to the one below pop up**:

Click 'OK' and you should be able to login with typing in your credentials a second time

Windows App**:

If you try to login and get a message asking you to enter the Server Address:


This is due to the fact that you the system is trying to login with the Windows Citrix App rather than the full Citrix Receiver (which you can get by going to the Citrix Receiver website or by clicking the link right after login).

The app is not compatible currently with Orchestrated; this occurs the most often when you have a new install/upgrade of a Windows computer to Windows 10.

To fix this, you need to uninstall the app version of the Citrix Receiver

1. Click on your Start Menu and type in Citrix

2. Look for the green Citrix icon and right-click on it and select Uninstall (DO NOT uninstall the Black Citrix icon, if you see it, as that is the correct full application.

You should be able to login as normal now.


Change Databases*:


If you see this screen and wish to log in to the other database (e.g. it's displaying the live database and you want to log in to the test database), click “Change Company” in the lower right corner.


The following screen will then appear:

You will need to type in the Database (e.g. OrchestraTEST), which is also case-sensitive, and then enter in your User ID and Password at the top, then hit “OK” at the bottom left corner.

Login to Orchestrated using the User ID provided for you as well as the password provided to you by a consultant.  Once logged in you should be prompted to change your password here as well.

Once you click “OK” you will then be officially logged in to Orchestrated!



*If single sign-on fails, please follow the same steps here to manually type in your credentials like you have in the past.

**There are two databases that you have access to, your live and test database.  As the names imply, the live database has all of your live data whereas the test database is a copy of the live but used for testing/training purposes as this data is regularly overwritten.  The data in the Test database happens to be a copy of the database as of yesterday, so it is still fairly accurate in that sense but is only updated when requested/needed by us.  If someone wants to practice something in the system or see how certain actions affect data, however, it should be tested in the test database first then repeated in the live database.   If done in the live database, a lot more time/energy must be used to correct mistakes so it’s best to always use the test database first, then repeat the action in live unless the user is absolutely certain how the transactions will post/affect the live data.





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