How do I include price breaks for items bought in bulk?


Orchestrated offers users the ability to create price breaks (also known as volume discounts or bulk discounts) to their database.


Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Inventory>Price Lists>Period and Volume Discounts 
  2. Choose your Price List from the Drop-down at the top 
  3. Enter the items you would like to apply the discount to 
  4. Double click on the row number in the first column of the table to bring up the "Period Discounts" window 
  5. Enter the date range that this discount is valid 
  6. Double click on the row number in the Period Discounts window to bring up "Volume Discounts" 
  7. Enter the quantity required to get the discount, and the price per unit for buying that many. You can also enter a percentage if that works better 
  8. Click Update in all 3 windows to save the changes 

You can also do multiple levels. So for example, if you buy 10 units then you get a 10% discount and if you buy 20+ it goes up to 15%.






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    Mike Irwin

    I have entered my tiered pricing for each item from a vendor. The price discounts I get are not based on specific item quantities on the order but often the entire quantity of the order made up of many items. Ex. I buy 2 different labels at 250k units each to reach my price break at 500k. So far Obeer only recognizes price breaks for each individual line item of 250k.Is there a way for Obeer to apply the bulk discount for the entire order quantity?