Create a Variety Pack BoM


As variety packs increase in popularity, many customers need to create a new pack type.

Method 1

  1. Create your variety pack item in Item Master Data
  2. Create a standard bill of material that produces 1 unit of the variety pack
  3. Add Finished Good line items in BOM which will be included in the variety pack.

For example, 

Finished Good Item: Variety Pack x 1 

Consumes Items

  • .25 cases of brand A 
  • .25 cases of brand B 
  • .25 cases of brand C 
  • .25 cases of brand D

Method 2

  1. Create your variety pack item
  2. Create a 'Special' production order, this is a production order that does NOT have a standard bill of materials
  3. Use your variety pack item as your completed good
  4. In the rows of the production order, put in the finished goods items you are consuming and their respective quantities.
  5. Add the production and process it through express as normal.



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