OrchestratedBEER Product Overview Webinar

This course will be a high level overview of the OrchestratedBEER software, including basic navigation, master data, and documents.  It is designed for beginners who have never seen the software.



Who Should Attend: All users who have never seen OBeer

Detail: Below is a detail bullet list of the topics covered in this session:

  • Overview of the User Interface
    • Main Menu bar
    • Toolbar
    • Main Menu
  • Basic Navigation
    • Opening Forms
    • Finding Data
    • Scrolling through data
    • Drilling In
  • Master Data
    • Business Partner Master Data
    • Item Master Data
    • Bill of Materials
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Warehouses
  • Documents
    • Sales Documents
    • Purchasing Documents
    • Banking Documents




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