How to Import Queries into Orchestrated


Ever find a query that you really like, or ask for help and see a query posting online? Here's how you can 'import' it into Orchestrated and see it now and save it for future use.

Here's a short video (~3 mins) to help get you started:


Details / How-To

  1. Navigate to Tools → Queries → Query Generator

  2. From the Query Generator, Click  to open a blank query 

  3. Now press the  in the top left hand corner of the screen to be able to edit the query window.

  4. Now highlight the 'SELECT *' and delete it. 

  5. Now paste in the query you wish to see and press  to view the results

  6. You can now save that query for future use by pressing the  button, navigating to a category you wish to put it in and saving.





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