Easily export data from a query to Excel


I have a large query with hundreds of rows that I need to export to Excel for further data analysis.  How can I easily do this so it does not hang the system and take forever?


In the newest version of the software platform on which Orchestrated is built, there is a brand new feature available through the Query Generator.  In the Query Preview window, there is a button that says "Copy Data".  This button essentially just copies the data strait from the query, all without even having to open excel.

Once you've run your query and clicked the Copy Data button, all you have to do is open Excel on your local computer, then click in cell A1 and hit Ctrl v or just right click and choose "Paste".  Your query results will show up in excel as if you had clicked the Excel button in Orchestrated but in far less time.  The screen shots below illustrate this:






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