POS Import Interface

The below videos will show how to set up, use and all of the requirements needed to use the POS Import Interface




Full Walk Through


Setup w/out Unique POS Items


Setup w/ Unique POS Items



With the POS Import Interface, you will create a translation table of POS item codes to your Orchestrated item codes. This translation table serves as the connection point between the two systems. Then you paste in your sales data from your tap room, gift shop or other revenue center into the tool and press go! The tool will create a draft document or straight AR invoice for you in Orchestrated.

Detail: Below is a detail bullet list of the topics covered in this session:

  • Overview
    • General Concepts
  • Requirements
    • What export info is required from your POS system
  • Full Walk Through
    • Setup of the Interface
    • How to Use the Interface
  • Setup w/out Unique POS Item Codes
    • Certain POS Systems will not use Unique codes, this video will show you how to setup the POS Interface to work for this scenario.
  • Setup w/ unique POS Item Codes
    • If your POS has unique item codes then skip the above video and follow the instructions in this video.




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