Production Yield Summary

Report Summary

Printed Report Title:  Production Yield Summary

Using data from the Packaging QC section of the cellar worksheet, this date range report will show each brand and the qty completed through each process step.


Default Location In Orchestrated 

Base Module: Production > Production Reports > Orchestrated Reports

Reports Module: Reports > Production > Orchestrated Reports

    *These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Production Managers, Plant Managers and Cost Accountants would use this to monitor material utilization and loss rates


Key Requirements

Master Process Numbers are used to track production across multiple orders.  

If you do not associate the MPN with each production order, the yield calculation will not be accurate .



 Use the Drill-Down feature on a brand to see the MPN's and quantities.  You can then see if all of the data is accurate, or if some orders were not assigned an MPN.


Parameter Entry Options


Starting and Ending Dates  (Date the Brewing was started)

Select Measure:  (Choose BBLs, gallons, liters, Case Equivalents, Proof Gallons or Non- Liquid Units)



Master Process Number



Parameter Entry Image



Report Sample Image

In this example, Brew orders and others were not assigned a MPN, so data could not be found for some processes. 








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    Josh Deth

    This report has changed. Is there another way to easily grab Brew to Bright and Bright to Pack yield %?