Non-Inventory Items on BOM Audit

Report Summary

Printed Report Title:  BOM Audit - Non Inventory Items

Audit style report shows non-inventory (overhead) items on BOMs for the purpose of verification.


Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module:  Inventory > Inventory Reports > Orchestrated Reports > Setup Audit Reports

Reports Module:   Reports > Production > Orchestrated Reports > Set-up Audit Reports

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Production Managers and Cost Accountants would need to periodically verify that the correct overheads and account numbers are used to track manufacturing costs.

Key Requirements

You must have overhead or Non-Inventory items on your BOMs


If you use similar overheads for the same process types, limiting the report to a single process type will allow you to quickly compare apples to apples.

Parameter Entry Options





Select Brands 
Select Warehouses 
Select Production Items 
Select Processes

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