Warehouses & Locations Audit

Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Warehouses & Locations Audit

Displays a list of locations and warehouses and key field settings. Indicates warehouse that are not assigned to a location.


Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module:   Inventory > Inventory Reports > Orchestrated Reports > Setup Audit Reports

Reports Module:   Reports > Inventory > Orchestrated Reports >Set-up Audit Reports

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Use this when you set new warehouses or locations to verify that key information is correct 
Add to a quarterly auditing schedule to check and verify key system information.

Key Requirements

No specific requirements are needed for this report


Schedule a quarterly Orchestrated audits and run all your audit reports at once.

That way you can make sure that you don't have missing or incomplete data

Parameter Entry Options




Select Locations 
Select Warehouse Type 
Select Warehouse 
Show Address Fields? 
Show Bin Locations?

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