Items by Brand & Process Audit

Report Summary

Printed Report Title:   Items by Brand & Process Audit

Looks at all produced items and identifies those that do not have a valid brand assigned as well as shows all items and which brand they are assigned to. This report shows each process in groups by Brand.

So many reports rely on Brand assignment to correctly summarize and report key measurements and metrics that it's critical to make sure that all items have a Brand assigned.


Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module:   Inventory > Inventory Reports > Orchestrated Inventory > Setup Audit Reports

Reports Module:   Reports > Inventory > Orchestrated Inventory > Setup Audit Reports

             *These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Production and Materials Managers would run this periodically as new products are created to make sure that all items have a correct Brand assigned.  

 A multitude of reports rely on Brand info for data analysis, so this audit is a key part of a monthly or quarterly data audit program.

Key Requirements



 Select the option for "Only Invalid Brand Codes" to only show items without a valid Brand

 Do not check "Include non-Sale Items" if you need to audit all of your production BOMs.


Parameter Entry Options





Select Item Groups

Only Invalid Brand codes?

Only Show Packaging Items?

Include non-sale Items


Parameter Entry Image

Report Sample Image







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