Sales Analysis Dashboard

Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Sales Analysis Dashboard (in <uom>)

A variety of KPI's with charts to view sales data.

Includes pages for: 
  Business Partner Groups 
  Pack Types 
  Brand Comparison by Business Partner Group 
  Brand Comparison by volume (in the selected unit of measure) 
  Brand Comparison by sales $ 
  Total Sales with Margin 

 3 Mini Reports are available as quick links at the top of Page 1



Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module: Sales - A/R > Sales Reports > Orchestrated Reports

Reports Module: Reports > Sales and Purchasing > Orchestrated Reports (1)

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Sales Managers and financial stakeholders can review sales volumes and a variety of Sales KPI's.

Key Requirements

Assign Brand codes and Pack types to all beverage sales items.


 Select a "Compare to" range that is at least as large as your current date range.  

 Example:  Select start and end dates that equal a month

A "Compare to" of 1 week would show overlapping or incomplete data.  

A "Compare to" of 1 month would give the month preceding the selected range.  

A "Compare to" of 1 year will give you the same month one year earlier.


Parameter Entry Options


Starting and Ending Dates 
Compare to (Date range, Choose: 1 year, 3 months, 1 month or 1 week) 
Select Measure: (Choose: Case Equivalents, Barrels, Liters, Gallons, Ounces) 
Include Open Sales Orders:  (Adds in unfilled orders as if they were completed sales )
Select Sales Item Group



Select Brands 
Select Business Partner Groups


Parameter Entry Image



Report Sample Image (pages 1-6)






















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