Quick Start: How to Log Into the iPad Production App


The following article will show you how to login to the iPad Production App.

Step by Step Guide

  1. You'll first need to have the Orchestrated Production App already on the iPad (you can get this from the App Store)
  2. Bring up the Orchestrated App on the iPad. The screen should look like the following:

Enterprise Customers:

You web address will be the same as the one you log into Citrix's* with. Example:

* If you log into your database via

Then your URL is


OnDemand Customers:

Your web address will depend on which server you are on. Once logged in, click on Details.


The next three fields: Database_Name, Username, and password should have been given to you when you purchased the iPad app by a Orchestra. Please note that these fields are case sensitive.

Once the credentials have been correctly entered, click 'Log In' and you will be brought to the home screen of the Orchestrated Production App.







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