Quick Start: How To Export A List of Your Business Partners


While in the normal course of business, you might wish to export a list of your current business partners.


Step by Step Guide

To do that, you can do the following:

  1. Bring up the Business Partner Master Data window in Business Partners->Business Partner Master Data
  2. Type a * into the Code field and press Find
  3. When the search results pop up, go into the Form Settings (Quick Start: Form Settings)
  4. Add fields for any information that you want to pull from the business partners
  5. Close the search results window, and press find again to refresh the results
  6. Click the Excel button on the toolbar to export the results and save that to your local computer (Save Exports to Your Personal Files)







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    Tony Perkin SUSPENDED

    curious about this "List of Business Partners":

    1. the search functionality doesn't seem to work. it selects "C9999 Default" typically or something random. how does this work?

    2. there is no "context sensitive help" for this window. where can we find any documentation on this?


    link to screen shot:

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    This gives you no address, business name, nothing! Just boxes of check marks.

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    Kevin Smyth

    The form settings button does not produce this result. This was not a helpful guide for me.