Quick Start: Inventory Audit Report


In the course of business, you often times need to figure out how your inventory is moving. The Inventory Audit Report will provide you this information; it will show you where the item was moved to or received from as well as the document that cause that movement.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to Inventory->Inventory Reports->Inventory Audit Report
  2. In this new window, you can select your search parameters
    1. You can choose to search by Date or Item Range.
    2. The Date Range can be filtered by System Date or Posting Date. The System Date correlates to the actual date when the transaction was entered into the system. The Posting Date is the date that you tell the system the related accounting transactions should be posted to.
    3. You can also search by Item Group and specific Warehouses
  3. You have an option to display it by the item or G/L account in the Display section
  4. Lastly, you can group by warehouse, choose to display items/account without transactions and hide them if they have no cumulative quantity

    The report will show you when the item was posted, what document affect that movement, the quantity affected and the cost associated with it, as well as a lot of other information.


  • The Abbreviation Types will tell you what the 2-letter abbreviations for the document refers to
  • Alternatively, if you only want the report for one item, you can run the inventory audit report from the item master data record:






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