Quick Start: Pick and Pack Manager


When you create a sales order, you have the ability to use Pick and Pack Manager to help you create a pick list, delivery document as well as invoice the customer.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Bring up the Pick and Pack Manager in Inventory->Pick and Pack->Pick and Pack Manager
  2. In this new Window is your search parameters (such as delivery date, warehouse, item, etc.), you can fill in the necessary information to bring up the Pick and Pack drawers
  3. In the first drawer, you have all your open Sales Order, select one or more (if you want to group up several orders for picking) checkboxes
  4. Select Release to Pick List, then switch to the Released drawer
  5. In this drawer, you can see your items released to be picked. If you drill into the pick list in the Pick No., you'll see a new Pick List with just the items for that Pick Number (this can be printed, File->Print, so you can physically pick the item)
  6. When finished, you can select the Pick All in the Pick List window
  7. In the Picked drawer, you can select the checkboxes for the item(s) you want to create a delivery and invoice document for (alternatively, you can do this from the Pick List if you want to create a delivery or invoice for that entire Pick No.)
  8. You can select it to either create the delivery automatically or manually (where you can make changes prior to adding it), and create the invoice afterwards






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    I get the feeling there is some good stuff here but I think a webinar tutorial would help me more.