Quick Start: Pick Pack and Production Manager


When you create a Sales Order, Production Order, Reserve Invoice, or Inventory Transfer Request, you have the ability to use the Pick Pack and Production Manager to help you create a pick list.


Step-by-step guide

  • Navigate to Inventory > Pick and Pack > Pick Pack and Production Manager
  • Enter your selection criteria and click OK
  • In the first drawer, you have all your open Sales Orders, select one or more (if you want to group up several orders for picking) checkboxes
  • Select Release to Pick List, then switch to the Released drawer
  • In this drawer, you can see your items released to be picked. If you drill into the pick list in the Pick No., you'll see a new Pick List with just the items for that Pick Number (this can be printed, File->Print, so you can physically pick the item)
  • When finished, you can select the Pick All in the Pick List window
  • In the Picked drawer, you can select the checkboxes for the item(s) you want to create a delivery and invoice document for (alternatively, you can do this from the Pick List if you want to create a delivery or invoice for that entire Pick No.)
  • You can select it to either create the delivery automatically or manually (where you can make changes prior to adding it), and create the invoice afterwards






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