Quick Start: Goods Receipt and Goods Issue


This is used when you need to issue or receive a good into your inventory but not tie it to a marketing document such as an invoice or delivery document. An example of when we would use this is if we erroneously enter the wrong quantity number in the A/R invoice but have already added the document.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Choose either a Goods Receipt (if you need to bring in inventory) or Goods Issue (If you need to remove inventory)
  2. Fill in the columns such as Item No., Quantity, and Unit Price (in the Goods Issue, you have a Total Amount instead of Unit Price)

  3. Fill in the optional data such as Remarks and Ref. 2 and then click Add

You Item Master Data should now reflect the new changes.


NOTE: You can choose $0.00 for the cost if you want the system to reevaluate the item cost based upon the price already associated with in-stock quantity.


Reversing a Goods Receipt and a Goods Issue

If a good receipt or a goods issue needs to be reversed, simply right click and choose reverse




The following alert will pop up for which the answer is yes



This will create the reversal Goods Receipt if reversing a Goods issues and the reversal Goods Issue if reversing a Goods Receipt











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    Last question -

    Do I put in the warehouse the inventory is being issued out of?

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    Actually, I see that it self populates with the warehouse.

    Thank you --

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    Carrie Blackmore

    Will you be able to reverse or cancel a posting?