Cellar Sheet


The Cellar Sheet in Orchestrated is a centralized screen that provides information about what beer is in-tank in the cellar, and which production orders are planned. Using the interface to beer in tank and planned PdOs, you can input Fermentation QC Data and process your production orders.


Option to view Production Orders with any status

On the top right of the Cellar Screen, you can now select to view PdOs with different statuses. The options are:

    • Planned - displays PdOs with status of "Planned" only
    • Released - displays PdOs with status of "Released" only
    • Closed - displays PdOs with status of "Closed" only
    • Planned/Released - displays PdOs with status of either "Planned" or "Released"
    • All - displays all PdOs regardless of status

Columns in the Current Production Orders section

OBeer has additional information in the "Current Production Orders" section. This section now displays these additional columns:

    • S
      • The column S represents the status of the Prod Order
      • R = Released, P = Planned, C = Closed
    • Batch
      • The Batch column displays the batch number assigned to the prod order in advance by the PdO Creation Wizard
      • See the section on batches in OBeer 3.0 for more information on how to set the batch in advance
    • MPN
      • The MPN column is the Master Production Number
      • The MPN is either set on the PdO Creation Wizard or can be assigned on the MPN Assignment Screen
      • See the sections on Master Production Numbers in OBeer 3.0 for more information on these topics

Screenshot of the fields on the Cellar Sheet



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