PdO Creation Wizard


The PdO Creation Wizard enables you to easily create multiple production orders at once, preview them, and then automate the process of adding them into the system. It is designed for production planners that create multiple production orders all at once (for a few days, a week, or an entire month at a time).



Screen Sizing

The PdO Creation Wizard can now be resized and maximized. Previously the resolution was locked and could not be changed.

Warehouse Dropdowns and Lookups

The From Warehouse and To Warehouse fields have been improved to default to the most applicable value and to make it easier to select the correct warehouse. The drop downs have been replaced with lookups designated by a magnifying glass in the field that will only pull up warehouses that are applicable.

Master Production Numbers

The PdO Creation Wizard now automatically assigns MPNs when using the Build Production Run feature. For more information click this link:Master Production Numbers

Preview Window

This allows the user to see what will be created and edit the production orders before they are created.  This is the last point at which changes can be made; after the "Create" button is clicked, the orders are created in the system.  If a user needs to edit a PdO after that point, they must open up the production sheets and drill into the specific production order.


 The default tank can pull from all the BoM versions.



Launching the PdO Creation Wizard

Navigate to Main Menu > Production > Automation > PdO Creation Wizard


Screenshot of the PdO Creation Wizard

 *If there was a mistake you can right click “clear all” to start fresh.







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