Master Production Numbers - Assignment

The following video will show how to use the Master Production Assignment function from within Orchestrated Software.




The Master Production Assignment window is used to assign production orders to MPNs when they weren't automatically assigned via the PdO Creation Wizard. This screen can link PdOs to existing MPNs or can create new MPNs and associate PdOs to them.

For more information on Master Production Numbers (MPNs), check out this link: Master Production Numbers



The Master Production Assignment displays existing production orders on the left panel, which can be sorted/filtered by process type (ie Brewing, Fermentation, etc.)


Steps to link PdOs to MPNs

  1. Highlight the PdOs you want to link to a MPN by clicking the row
    1. You can select multiple rows at once by using CTRL+Click
  2. In the Master Production Number field in the center of the screen, either select an existing MPN or type in a new MPN
    1. None or all are valid options
  3. Click the Assign button to link them
  4. Repeat the above steps for the other process types, if you want to link more PdOs to the same MPN


Screenshot of the Master Production Assignment Screen







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