Packaging QC - Air Test


The Air Test screen allows you to take and store multiple DO and CO2 bright tank readings as well as O2 and CO2 packaged readings.


The Air Test button is located on the Packaging Worksheet under the QC Data section.

  1. Select the production order of the packaging run that needs to have the Air Test documented.
  2. Click the Air Test button.


  1. If an air test has already been documented for this production order then click the Select/New button to link to that Document Number. If this is the first reading then a Document number will be automatically applied and the Select/New button should not be used.
  2. *Select the source that you are taking your reading from.


*To define available sources follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Tools >  User-Defined Windows > ORC_BE_PACKLINE
  2. Enter in the Code and Name for the different Packaging Lines


  1. Enter the Date of the sample
  2. Initial who took the sample
  3. Temp Reading
  4. Enter any additional notes
  5. Bright Tank DO and CO2 readings
  6. O2 and CO2 Readings of the bottles (or cans)
  7. Add the document to save the data 







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