View Available to Promise (ATP) on Item Master


The Available to Promise (ATP) report on Item Master data exists to understand what documents are creating supply or demand for a particular item.  Whereas many reports might show you the current inventory balance, the purpose of this report is to quickly show you the documents that are going to lead to increases or decreases in inventory, as well as the dates they are proposed to occur. 

How to View

It is possible to view the available qty to promise directly from the item master data. 

  • Navigate to Inventory > Item Master Data
  • Click on the "Inventory Data" tab to see current inventory levels as well as projections:

  • The "Available" quantity is a simple equation: In Stock + Ordered – Committed
    • Ordered = Production Orders or Purchase Orders (Inputs)
    • Committed = Production Orders or Sales Orders (Outputs)
  • In the example above, we see that there are Commitments (e.g. Sales Orders) and Orders (e.g. Production Orders) for this item.  The amount of demand exceeds supply by 16 units.
  • In order to confirm what documents are leading to the 225 units demanded and 40 units supplied, right-click anywhere without text and select "Available-To-Promise"

  • The Available to Promise screen shows all of the source documents and allows users to drill into them to view details:





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