Inventory Transfers


When you have beer in one tank and need to move it to another tank, you can do an Inventory Transfer.

The Inventory Transfer is used to move inventory from one warehouse (a tank) to another warehouse (another tank).

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Inventory > Inventory Transactions > Inventory Transfer


2. Set your dates you want the transfer to happen (it defaults to today's date)

3. Set the warehouse you are going to (the "To Warehouse")

4. Select the item you want to move

5. Select the warehouse on the row it is moving from (the "From Warehouse")

6. Set the Qty to move


TIP: to see the Qty in each warehouse/tank, you can CTRL+TAB in the warehouse field

Add the transfer

This will immediately move the inventory from the "From" warehouse to the "To" warehouse

NOTE: you can also plan a transfer to happen in the future by using the Inventory Transfer Request.  It works like a PO, in that you are planning for it to happen in the future.  Then when ready to actually move the inventory, you bring up the Inventory Transfer Request and "Copy To" a Inventory Transfer.  Then follow the instructions above to process the transfer.




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