Setup and Post Cycle Counts


The following article will go over how to setup and post cycle counts.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Navigate to ‘Administration>Setup>Inventory>Inventory Cycles’
    • Create new cycle count
    • Set up parameters to define recurrence
  • Navigate to ‘Administration>Setup>Inventory>Cycle Count Determination’
    • Double click on row number to select warehouse
    • Apply Cycle codes to item groups in the warehouse'
  • System will alert user to count
  • Select items from user alert to count
  • Select ‘Inventory Counting’
  • Click ‘Add’ to save Inventory Counting List
  • Go to last record in Inventory Counting List to print inventory count sheet
  • Count Inventory and record actual counts
  • If variance occurs ‘copy to inventory posting list’
  • Post Inventory Adjustment



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