Hide Inactive Items from List of Items


How do I hide Inactive items on my List of Items?


You can prevent Inactive items from showing on Marketing Documents and Reports by going to Administration>System Initialization>General Settings in the Inventory Tab. This does not prevent them from showing in the search results for some windows (For Example, Item Master Data). To hide the Inactive items in these situations, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go into your Form Settings and add a column for "Active"
  2.  Close the window, and reopen it to make the new column appear
  3. Choose the Filter button from the Toolbar
  4. On the line for Active, set the Rule to Equal and the Value to Yes
  5. Click Filter, then click Ok

The list will now only show items that are set to Active. You can click the Filter button again to bring back the Inactive items.


After the initial setup, the settings will be saved for future use. You will just need to click the Filter button each time you need to remove the Inactive items.


NOTE: These steps will need to be done once in each user account that needs to hide Inactive items.



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