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The Brand Master Data is the primary master data for each of your brands of beer or spirits. On the Brand Master, the data associated with the brand identification is stored. The QC targets and related data for each step in the production process for that brand of beer or spirit are also stored here. The Brand Master data is linked to each item associated with that brand through the Brand drop down on the Item Master data.


Fields on the Brand Master Data

Brand Master Data has four sections: the header, and then three tabs (one for each step in the production process).

You must populate the Brand Name, Brand Code, and Brand Short Name.

All other fields are optional and can be used if desired and applicable to your processes.

Screenshot of the Brand Master Data



Create Brand Data

If you have production items that were created without a brand, you'll need to create a brand and then assign that brand to the relevant items.  Here's how to create a brand:

Go to the Inventory module > Brand Master Data

To ensure the brand number/code you want to use isn't already assigned (or to confirm what the next sequential code should be), while in Find mode, type an asterisk into the Brand Code field and click Find at the Bottom. A dialog box will open with all official brand codes and descriptions.

Once you know the correct brand code to use, enter Add Mode and type in the desired Brand code (numeric), Brand Name (alphanumeric), and Brand Short Name to match the others in your system (typically 3 character abbreviations). As a general rule, the Brand Code should be in the Item Code of all WIP items in your system. If 1001-K12 is a 1/2 Barrel of IPA, then the IPA brand code should be 1001.

Lastly, you can enter target QC values on the different tabs on the Brand window. 

Click Add to save the new brand. 

Once the Brand Short Code has been created, you will need to associate the brand code with Item Master Data. To do this, first open the Item Master Data. Next, search for one of the process steps or finished good items (Beer EX: Wort, Bright Beer, 1/2 Barrel Keg, etc) (Spirit EX: Mash, Fermented Mash, Bottle Proof Liquid, 750ml case of bottles ect)

With the Item Master Data record open, select the Brand drop down and select the Brand Master record that should be associated with the Item master data.

 Note:  For a brand's color scheme (predominantly used on the Scheduler), this is only able to be updated in the Scheduler's Settings (on the Legend tab.)




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