Batch Management Overview

The demo video below takes an in-depth look at how batches work in an Orchestrated system:


Batch Management is integral and pervasive throughout Orchestrated Software. Here you will find information about how batches work.

Batches can be created on either the PdOCreation Wizard or directly on the Production Order.  From there, they will flow through the production process all the way to finished goods.

In the current version of Orchestrated, we have ability to plan your batches for every step in the production process. Previously, we only had batches planned in advance for the beginning PdO step, but the subsequent PdOs would all get the batch number from the first step of the production process.  Now, you can assign batch numbers in advance, so that it is easier to see what is planned.


If you were to create multiple PdOs without using the wizard and wanted them to be connected, you would use Master Production Assingment.




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