How do I Setup Purchasing Units of Measure (UoM)?


When purchasing a item, it is common to purchase it in one unit of measure and want to track the item in inventory using another unit of measure. This can be done using a Purchasing Unit of Measure. 

Step by Step Guide

  1. Navigate to your item via Inventory > Item Master Data 
  2. Open the Inventory Data tab
  3. In the "UoM Name" field, enter the Unit that you are going to use for Inventory tracking
  4. Open the Purchasing Data tab
  5. Enter the Unit you use for Purchasing in the "Purchasing UoM Name" field
  6. Enter your conversion factor in the "Items per Purchase Unit" field
  7. Click "Update" to save your changes


After making these changes, you can create Purchasing documents using the same unit that you vendor uses and the system will automatically break it down into your Inventory unit of measure.

Tip: You can use Form Settings to make the "Qty(Inventory UoM)" field visible on Purchasing documents to confirm that your conversion is working.







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