Trial Balance

Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Trial Balance

Standard Trial Balance format. Similar to a Balance Sheet, but allows you to see the debits and credits that led to the balance.


Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module: Financials > Financial Reports > Orchestrated Reports

Reports Module: Reports > Financials > Orchestrated Reports

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Owners, Controllers, accountants and auditors would use this on a monthly or routine basis to get an overview of the financial health of the organization at a specific point in time.


Key Requirements

No specific requirements are needed to run this report.



Select the parameter "Hide Accounts w/o Activity" when you run to greatly shorten the report.

To get a view of how balance sheet items change over a date range, run the Working Trial Balance.


Parameter Entry Options

As of date
Hide Accounts w/o Activity



Parameter Entry Image



Report Sample Image

(Note: the generic logo will be replaced with your company logo, if one is specified in Orchestrated .)






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