P&L vs Prior Year Export

Report Summary

Printed Report Title:   <none>

Profit and Loss report formatted for Excel Export with comparison numbers versus prior year. 


Default Location In Orchestarted

Base Module: Financials > Financial Reports > Orchestrated Reports

Reports Module: Reports > Financials > Orchestrated Reports

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Owners, shareholders, Controllers, and key management would run this to view the total revenues and expenses for given time periods compared to the performance year to date. 


Key Requirements

No specific requirements are needed to run this report. 



Since this report is formatted for export, it will look a bit strange when previewed.  

Select the export icon from the preview window and choose an Excel format that is NOT "Data only."


Parameter Entry Options


Select Fiscal Year


Parameter Entry Image



Report Sample Images - Preview in Orchestrated Beer & Excel

Preview in Orchestrated Beer:

In Excel:

(column widths adjusted)







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