Record Journal Entry directly to a Business Partner


The situation may arise where it is needed to use a business partner in a Manually Created Journal Entry

Note: You CANNOT post to control accounts (e.g. A/R, A/P, etc.), you will have to use your Business Partner and it will automatically make the same post to the control account.  The following steps will detail how this is completed.


Step-by-step guide

To use a business partner in a Manual Journal Entry:

1. Click in the "G/L Acct/BP Code" field

2. Hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard then press the Tab key or click the grey circle 

This will bring up the List of Business Partners window from which you can choose the appropriate business partner (customers are A/R, vendors are A/P).  If you are using a Mac, you'll hold the "Control" key to do this.

 Journal Entry to Business Partner.jpg





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