Unable to Print Checks in Document Printing


You are trying to print your checks using the Document Printing screen, but the checks won't display and instead you are seeing lists of documents.

The problem here is that the Document Printing screen has a document selection drop down, and you probably have it set to something other than "Checks for Payment"


How to Fix

Make sure that when the Document Printing Screen comes up, you have the drop down set to "Check for Payment"
  1. Here is a screenshot of the Document Printing Screen and what you should have selected if you want to see checks for printing:





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    Potosi Standard Support Account

    After I do an out going payment and than go to the document printing to print the check. there are no checks that show up to be printed. How do I fix this. and why would it just start doing this out of the blue.


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    Southern Prohibition Standard Support User SUSPENDED

    when I get to the "Print Checks for Payment_ To be Printed" screen, their is a list of checks to be printed but it won't let me select any of them to print.