Set E-Mail Signatures for Individual Users


This article shows you how to allow individual users to create their own personal signature for outgoing e-mails from Orchestrated.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in using a Superuser account and go to Administration>System Initialization>E-Mail Settings
  2. Under Signature To Be Used, choose “User” and click “Update”


  3. Go to Administration>System Initialization>Authorizations>General Authorizations
  4. Assign Full Authorization for E-Mail Settings to all users who will be using a signature.
  5. Each user can now create their own signature from the E-Mail Settings Window

Note: Even though the User has “Full Authorization” to E-Mail Settings, they cannot change the Signature To Be Used or edit the Common/Company E-Mail Signatures. These options can only be changed by a Superuser.






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