Copy Authorizations from one user to another


I have a new users who needs exactly the same Authorizations as an existing user in Orchestrated.  Is there way to apply the same Authorizations from the existing user to the new user?



Yes, there absolutely is a way to do this and it is very simple.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Administration>System Initialization>Authorizations>General Authorizations

  2. Single click and hold on the user whose authorizations you want to copy.  A white border around the user should appear.

  3. Drag the user name and drop it on the user to whom you want to copy the authorizations
  4. A system message will pop up saying "Copy Authorizations from (user 1) To (user 2)?"
  5. Hit Copy, then hit Update in the Authorizations window to complete the process


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