Change G/L Accounts on Item Master Data


Whenever you create a marketing document, you have the decision to set up the G/L accounts that is used when it is posted.

Step-by-step guide

  1. You first need to find out how the G/L accounts are determined: Item Group Item Level
  2. To find out, bring up the item in the Item Master Data, switch to the Inventory tab and look at 'Set G/L Accounts By' field. That will indicate where to change your G/L Accounts


Item Level:

  1. In this option, you can control the G/L for that specific Item
  2. Go to Inventory->Item Master Data, then switch to Find mode (CTRL +F) and find your item. For each one of your warehouse, you can scroll right and set the G/L there (refer to the picture above)

Item Group:

  1. In this option, the Item Group for that item will dictate the G/L Account
  2. Go to Administration->Setup->Inventory->Item Group, then switch to Find mode (CTRL +F) and find your Item Group
  3. Switch to the Accounting tab and you can set up your G/L accounts there


  • If you want to know what each account dictates, go to Help->Documentation->Online Help at the top of your screen on the menu bar and look for: Warehouses - Setup: Accounting Tab. This will explain what each account is (these are the same accounts for Item Group and Item Level as well).
  • If you don't see all the accounts in the Item Level, you may need to look into your Form Settings to make them visible.


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