Add, Edit, or Move Accounts in the Chart of Accounts


After you have your chart of accounts set up, it's often necessary during the course of business to add, edit, or move the accounts to reflect the desired structure of your business.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Go to Financials->Chart of Accounts
  2. You will have your drawers to your right which lists all the level 1 drawers for which all subsequent accounts will be under, click on each to view the sub-level accounts
  3. Clicking on the specific account will give you information that you can change, such as making it a control account or setting it as a cash account
  4. Clicking on Account Details will bring up further options such as making it inactive or setting a default tax code
  5. Click on Update when you are finished making changes
  6. To Add an account, change the window to Add mode (CTRL + A) and it will prompt you to enter in all the relevant information for the account, then click Add and it will show up in the proper drawer you specified


  1. Go to Financials->Edit Chart of Accounts
  2. Select the level 1 drawer which the account you want to move is listed under
  3. Select the account you want to move
  4. You can rename the account in the Account Name field
  5. Change the level to move the account to above or under another account
  6. You can also change what parent account its under, whether it's located under another account and which drawer it's in in the G/L Account Location
  7. Click Update and your changes should be reflected



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